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If the banks can recognise the importance of the 7 day working week - so should doctors' surgeries.  It is crazy that you have to pay after hours fees to see a doctor on a weekend during the day (another reason A&E is busier than it should be).  After hours should be between 10pm and 7am (or similar) and you shouldn't have to pay extra to see a doctor on a weekend day (during 7am and 10pm).  People can't choose when they are going to be sick/unwell so shouldn't be penalised for getting ill on the weekends.  Also, it is difficult for some workers to get appointments with GPs during the weekdays when you are supposed to be working - often appointments are running late and you end up having to cancel.  Waitlists to see doctors at my surgery are now at least one month in advance.

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Times have changed - banks have recognised this with 7 days per week payment processing coming in.  It is time that the 7 day a week health service stepped up.  It should shorten waitlists too.

by jojoellie on April 24, 2023 at 12:02PM

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  • Posted by julru April 26, 2023 at 08:47

    Health services are a 34 hr business. If there were two services parallel from emergency area one for accidents and life threatening issues and the other for gp type services this would with good triage cut die waiting times ( often 5 hrs minimum) have better use of facilities and outcomes for patients.
    With increases in elderly and percentage of people with disability and or those disadvantaged ( due economic hardship) this would have a better use of resources and outcomes.
    The facilities are there 24/7 in our hospitals, use them 24/7 bring in services ie army/ navy/airforce medical personnel to cove some 10 pm to 7 am shifts to catch up on surgery and be fully active year round. If there was a war on we would all expect to have 24 hour work and cover essential services. So do it for peace time to improve our countries health.
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