Clinician positions

There are times when we all need a hand. Not always does this require a Peadiatrician, or Psychologist etc.  But they do need assistance, use of clinicians reduces stigmas and may lessen the load of the likes of Peadiatricians etc who hold the "correct degree". Use of Clicians are a m ulidisaplinary option can get assistance to people in a more rounded manner. 

Why the contribution is important

The strain on the health system is well known. " Professional" are only ones that hold the correct degrees ones that require annual registrations.  Howevber there are people who hold degrees in Behavioural studies or Sciences who could work in a variety of spaces, analyising behaviours, developing stragegies, offering support - that lets face it even some "professionals" haven't been trained to supply.  With Clinician's there could be a variety of qualifications whom could assit in assessments, observations, plan developement and implementation, therefore freeing up spaces for diagnosis to be made on people waiting mulitiple years for assessments. 

Clinicans could be employeed across vast array of age and demographical groupd to effect long term health benefits within our current systems, whilst still being accountable to a registered body e.g. Health sector.

by Pene on April 26, 2023 at 01:05PM

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