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In our area, Tauranga, BOP, we have the emergency dept of the Tauranga public hospital and one medical centre in central tauranga which is open 24/7. They triage, cover xrays, plastering and other basic emergencies, and send other on to the hospital eg heart attacks.

This clinic is now shifting to the Western edge of the city. The journey in an emergency for those on the eastern side of tauranga (ie Papamoa, te puke and rural areas)  and is now further, and bypasses the hospital.   Papamoa is a very fast growing area and we need an emergency clinic on the eastern side of the city.

I'm sure this is a problem which is repeated all over the country.

Perhaps certain locations could be allocated funding for one drs surgery to be open after hours. 


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Everyone needs access to 24/7 care without clogging up the hospital emergency department. We use it for a child who cut their foot, broke a bone, continual vomitting, mother with a deep cut on hand... need care today not tomorrow, but hospital care or an ambulance.

by hballantyne on March 22, 2023 at 06:33PM

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  • Posted by AceTimelord March 24, 2023 at 15:00

    Yes, absolutely. And it is absolutely a problem elsewhere. Even here in Wellington where we have an after hours service, it is not 24/7, and it is really expensive.
    So not only does it need to be 24/7 and close to communities, it also needs to be affordable for everyone, and completely free for those with low incomes.
  • Posted by Bware March 25, 2023 at 08:12

    Yes and if people can access their GP they won’t need to turn up at the ED as much. It’s getting increasingly common that whanau can’t see a GP and the issue worsens. It costs $120 to go to Urgent Care, which is beyond unaffordable, so ED is their only option.
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