Standardise Palliative Care training and payment.

Establish a standardised Palliative Care training module for General Practitioners and pay them a standardised rate across the country for full participation in Palliative Care service provision.

We will never have enough Palliative Care specialists and presently GPs provide the majority of palliative care medical services across the country. Secure their input with proper training and payment.

Why the contribution is important

The population is ageing and the numbers of people accessing Palliative Care services will continue to rise.

Patients want their GPs involved in their terminal care, as evidenced by research in this area.

Because the future of Palliative Care service provison relies on adequate numbers of community based GPs able to provide continuity of care to their enrolled populations.


by PeterFleischl on November 11, 2022 at 03:51PM

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