Shared Digital Platforms

Mā te rongo, ka mōhio, Mā te mōhio, ka mārama,
Mā te mārama, ka mātau, Mā te mātau, ka ora.
From listening comes knowledge, from knowledge comes understanding,
From understanding comes wisdom, from wisdom comes well-being.

From knowledge comes understanding.  To predict and train our future workforce we need accurate information.  Sadly, information is often siloed, inconsistent and difficult to access.  Further to this, significant money is spent by individual organisations on IT solution (plus security and maintenance).      

Why the contribution is important

If health were able to access common digital platform/solutions, the information collected would be consistent, in real time and easier to analyse.  Shared solutions would enable equity, access and allow Aotearoa to be more responsive to its population and workforce needs. 

Breakdown the silos that hide inequity.  Workforce is challenging, solutions will be multifaceted but clear, consistent information will help enable the kōrero and uncover solutions. 


by Manleyjacq on November 03, 2022 at 05:22PM

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  • Posted by koralfitzgerald November 17, 2022 at 13:20

    'Break down the silos that hide inequity' - 100% tautoko/support this.
    This signpost could be repeated across most (if not all) ideas in this Health Workforce Strategy Challenge.
  • Posted by carlton November 17, 2022 at 14:59

    A single national resource would also be an enabler from a commissioning point of view to see how organisations are responding to policies such as whakamaua and Māori engagement. As well as real time monitoring of the impacts of policy
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