restructure nurse training

Nurse training would look like: Everyone enters at the same place - begining year one. 

Complete one year = Kaiāwhina, MCA or navigator

Complete two years = enrolled nurse

Complete three years = registered nurse. 

You chose what suits you. Exit when you are ready. Pause for a year or two, then do another year. 

Currently the nursing programmes are all seperate: 3 years to train as a RN, 2 years (different programme to RN) to become an EN and to become a HCA or kaimahi you can do a one year course if there is any formal training at all.

We need to attract, and retain people in this area of work and reduce barriers to those that dont enroll, enrol yet dont complete, or complete but then realise they could have gone further. Wrap all these options into a career path that makes it easier for people to get onto the nurse pathway and exit and enter where/when they feel it meets their need. 

For example, if a person enters the nursing pathway and completes a year - kai te pai - a role such as MCA, kaimahi or navigator would be perfect. Basic principles of health care, healthy lifestyle underpinning  their knowledge. Vaccinations under supervision has been a perfect example of how this could work.

If a person completes 2 years  - enrolled nurse. Some people will find this is enough for them. They can exit with a qualification.

After 3 years registered nurse, a person would exit as an RN, after 4 years prescriber...... you get the idea 

Why the contribution is important

This approach would open doors to those who may not want to commit to three years of training. Increasing attraction into the field of nursing.

It may provide a doorway to those who didnt think they could commit to three years,  but once they get started, find they do want to go on with their studies. Growth of the individual.

It would strengthen the current system as we would all work from the same basic building blocks of knowledge, a greater understanding of differing roles and be better at complimenting the work that we all do in the field of health, care, and nursing. Increasing collaborative work. 

To study for three years is a privilege, not one everyone can committ to this. We need to increase opportunities for this fundamental part of our workforce. 

by smoor on November 08, 2022 at 02:39PM

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  • Posted by cbarry November 17, 2022 at 14:19

    Thanks for your idea, I feel there definitely needs to be an improved structure to training. However, I don't see a year-by-year system as the answer as some knowledge needs to be built on and applied over a longer time frame.
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