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in the UK Oxford and Cambridge were about to make the a medical education open to China via online study with small practice groups annually there is no reason after Covid that the entire of our medical and nursing education could not be online to the globe with small immigrant groups for practical placement this way we would democratise medicine and make New Zealand a international leader in medical education plus teams of nurses paramedics ambulance radiographers and doctors could be formed at the large online medical school this was a real happening possibility with Oxford and Cambridge and must be looked into here because otherwise there's no other way to democratise health

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Clearly this will happen it is already happened as many doctors and nurses have studied online during Covid and the bricks and mortar universities are no longer a barrier to studying medicine or all of the other health sciences it is obvious that the first university to get this will be a world leader why have it be UK in China why not New Zealand New Zealand

by DocRose on November 21, 2022 at 07:02PM

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