National targeted recruitment program

Many sectors of our health system is in crisis with severe understaffing.

Numerous factors ( such as property prices, immigration and registration red tape and cost of living)  have recently made NZ much less appealing as an immigration destination.

We are currently in a Hunger Games situation where districts are all recruiting on their own and competing for a small pool of applicants - with varying approaches to renumeration packages etc.

A fragmented approach , such as we have currently, is hugely wasteful and inefficient.

Should we not launch an international very targeted advertising campaign  highlighting the positives of working and living in Aoteroa?

Making use of social media marketers and analysts, advertisements can nowadays be targeted to specific individuals  in specific professions, according to their user data.

There are a number of companies in NZ that can harness these powerful mechanisms to attract new professionals.

Why the contribution is important

We are on the cusp of a significant crisis in health care, due to shortage of trained professionals.

Increasing training postions is obviously the answer, but this will  have a lead time of up to 8 years in many instances.  We don't have that time!!

by Jacovanderwalt on November 17, 2022 at 11:09AM

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  • Posted by SteveYork November 17, 2022 at 14:33

    Yes I agree. There is an emergence of competing interests not only across the health sector, but also within the educational sector, industry training sector and various government agencies. It seems to be out of control within some regions without a coordinated game plan.

    If the All Blacks winning the World Cup in 2011 is a metaphor, everyone wants to be Stephen Donald kicking the winning penalty. The game wasn't only won because of the winning kick, it was won because of the game plan to get them into that position, players were chosen because of their unique skills and contribution, and each of the team members played their specific roles.

    So, what's our purpose? (Workforce) Who's the coach? (Task force) How many players do we need?
     (IDK) Who's in the team? (IDK) What are the roles of each player? (IDK) What's the game plan to win the game? (IDK)

    There can only be one full back, but many other players. In order to get that one ball over the line against opposition, stoppages, resistance, rules etc., it is better to work together than everyone wanting to play with their own balls and own game plan.
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