More GPs

Design an overseas GP recruitment support service 

Fully funded:

from appropriate countries where NO MORE EXAMS are required :

Group incl :

: medical council agent with forms all completed with their help

immigration consultant - paper work assistance with visas : these visas allow permanent residence so they can vote , get health care funding , buy a house, access student loans 

travel costs all funded incl possessions , family 

settling service: agents to help with school / house / own GP for the family 

full accommodation for Gp family 4-6 weeks 

Private  medical insurance for 3-6 months 

Why the contribution is important

We are running out of GPs. They take years to train . Most med students want high status high pat jobs not as GPs currently . More GPs means less ED and hosp admissions & better cheaper health for all 

by Salty on November 08, 2022 at 01:59PM

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  • Posted by CandiceWood November 10, 2022 at 12:25

    Agree, it is extremely difficult for overseas GPs (non-specialists) from "non-comparable health systems" to get registered to work in NZ (borderline impossible) and this should be reviewed. I'm a South African doctor living in New Zealand and I am not able to work despite having experience working as a doctor. To complete the process and get registered is going to realistically take years and cost a LOT of money. I'm simply happy to stand a fair chance and I feel SA doctors have a lot to offer NZ. At the moment we can't even apply to write the NZREX exam.
  • Posted by AmandaSmith November 11, 2022 at 11:47

    GP training should also be made more attractive for NZ trained doctora. GP registrars get paid far less than other registrars and don’t get any of the support offered to Hospital registrars (eg access to online academic databases/libraries, top-up payments for maternity leave etc). It makes it an unattractive and non-viable option for many.
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