Internationally qualified nurses and immigration barriers

Change the Green List settings for nurses and midwives to the first tier and eliminate the wait time for IQNs to apply for residency. IQNs want to live and work in NZ. They do not just work in Aged Care, They work everywhere in the health system. We need to recruit and retain these nurses to reduce increasing nurse shortages.

In addition, making it easier for their families to join them must occur as it is a big factor contributing to IQNs leaving NZ.

IQNs who are currently working in NZ for years have found it very difficult to get residency with the changing residency rules over the last few years. It has to be made much easier and a lot less costly.

IQNs who have Diplomas rather than Degrees should be assisted to bridge to RN rather than be made to complete the entire programe again. many remain as HCAs because of the prohibitive costs associated with gaining registration.

Why the contribution is important

Recruitment and retention of IQNs in the short term is essential to reducing the closure of Aged care facilities and the nursing shortage in NZ. Long term we must support increasing the number of NZ trained nurses (see other ideas). 

The commitment to come to NZ and work here should be acknowledged and supported rather than made too hard to do. Since the Green List announcement only 54 nurses have actually arrived in NZ. These numbers have not stopped Aged Care facilities closing resulting in trauma for residents and their families. These numbers have not reduced the current nursing shortage in NZ. 

by AnneD_NZNO on November 11, 2022 at 04:34PM

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