Increase funded Community Based Attachments for RMOs

These already exist and are expected by the Medical Council to complete registration in the first two post-graduate years.  However, in many areas these runs are not made available and we certainly have not offered this to all RMOs even though there are many general practices prepared to take on an RMO for a 3month attachment and supervise them.  While there are issues with placing PGY1 & 2 doctors in general practice the international evidence is clear that this will result in higher uptake of juniour doctors choosing general practice as a career.  It will also result in a better integrated system with the medical workforce understanding care outside of hospitals and vice versa.  Many practices would be prepared to support these attachments if the hospitals would encourage RMOs to take these up.  This would free up more hosptial runs for IMGs with NZREX who currently can't get registered for lack of runs available.  Combining this with increased uptake of community placements for appropriate NZREX graduates would increase the pipeline of available doctors to work in the community.   

Why the contribution is important

1. Increases the supply of doctors taking up GP training.

2.  Improves integration and understanding of whole of system perspective. 


by Allan_Moffitt on November 09, 2022 at 04:50PM

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