GP Training Programme

RNZCGP allow virtual teaching and virtual access to VR workforce for registrars particularly those in rural areas

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Currently there is inequitites in registrars being bonded to a 'hard to reach' area due to VR teaching and onsite requirements.  COVID has taught us a lot about being able to deliver within a virtual enviroment

by janinemareerider on October 31, 2022 at 08:56AM

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  • Posted by kimberley_williams November 07, 2022 at 22:13

    Give GP registrars the same pay as their hospital peers to attract personnel into the workforce. This would of course mean the GPs themselves have pay parity with peers or registrars get a pay cut when their training is over!
  • Posted by Moo November 07, 2022 at 23:12

    Remote recorded educational material would of course allow equity and ensure quality if applied to all and then provide time for communication training and peer building in face to face sessions.
    Increase numbers of trainees- pay practices to allow extra rooms required for registrars and teaching as it is hard in small practices to accommodate trainees.
    Pay the trainers properly.
    Provide pay parity with the highest training schemes to acknowledge that general practice is the hardest specialty.
    Provide proper funding to general practice to retain GPs in NZ and entice Nz trained GPs back from Australia
    Recognise that a doctor is not a nurse and vice versa and that both work together in a team. Medical training is intense and carries heavy burden of responsibility and must be recognised for its high cognitive and emotional load. GPs are trained to think not just follow protocols.
    For the GP trainees - the face to face getting together provides a much higher benefit than the educational content and builds networks of friendship that provide support when GPs have difficult times - provides safety.
  • Posted by Allan_Moffitt November 09, 2022 at 16:28

    Agree there is a lot more to be done to support GP training and make the experience more worthwhile for better trained comprehensive practitioners practising at the top of their scope. One of the issues is how to increase the numbers given current career choices for RMOs not taking up the programme If we increase the numbers of students graduating from Med School we still have to provide basic postgrad experience which has traditionally been done in hospitals but more of this could be moved to the community. Te Whatu Ora would still have to fund more RMO places however which is a barrier already to getting IMGs registered in this country. I believe more Community Based Attachments is a way to increase uptake of RMOs entering the GPEP programme. Why has this not been maximised already?
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