Diversify workforce and focus on prevention of poor health

The global health worker shortage and public health epidemics (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, dementia) require us to think about the health workforce in new ways - this could be employment of retirees to develop  and run community health and wellness programs to keep over 65s in good health longer; timing health campaigns/vaccine drives in school holidays to employ student army, scheduling clinics within school hours to enable parents of young children to work in health. 

As need to empower people to keep themselves well! This could be by providing vouchers for those on low to middle incomes who want to participate in fitness classes of their choice.  Treating food as medicine - prescribe free fruit and vegetables for those whose health issue would be improved by good nutrition.   Ideally food and fitness classes provided by community - increase diversity of 'health workforce' build community, employment and wellness and therefore won't need as many specialist health workforce 

Why the contribution is important

It is not feasible to keep increasing the traditional health workforce and need more focus on preventative health care delivered in communities 

by GayleR on November 18, 2022 at 08:50PM

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