Defined and communicated overall health strategy

This sounds kind of obvious, but I feel like we need a good plan that is easily communicated to all clinicians, and that we measure any new interventions against. This would need to incorporate many aspects of what is discused on this board, particularly Te ao Maori. 

Why the contribution is important

I understand that Te Whatu Ora is an opportunity for change, but I'm not sure what too, or what our leaders are aiming for. The risk is that we just 'remake the DHB system'. The challenges around health workforce are many and complex, and I think all of us as an overarching objective want to 'look after patients/provide quality patient care' etc. As a geriatrician currently working in the rehab space I could speak to the challenges facing both these specialities, as well as overall care in the community. And I could suggest many solutions to these problems (including more resource, better process, better connection amongst services including increased resources to GPs and nursing, allied health and non-registered workforce and across community, aged residential care and inpatients, more residential beds, faster processes for assessment etc etc). However, without understanding an overarching strategy, its really hard to say which of these solutions should be prioritised (or upvoted). 

I'd be interested to hear what others think on this. 

by BrendanNg on November 16, 2022 at 03:20PM

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