UK isn’t always best to Copy

Pae Ora bill is literally a copy of UK Health system. Govt never bothered to consider what NZers want or need. They just thought this should happen and wasted taxpayers money on this unconsulted project. Te Watu ora is still working on regionals and hospital bases and central control on whole country's health is a bad idea. Telling you from my experience and in short term its gonna be huge mess. Wellington doesnt know what people in Invercargil or Raglan need in terms of health outcomes. The region knows its best. One shoe never fits all and this bill kicked out so many experienced employees of hospitals across NZ and hiring bunch in Wellington is never going to be a solution.

Why the contribution is important

In my perspective, there should be only one health entity the Ministry and they should have regional offices like MSD does and manage from there. Gave my opinion but the way govt passed this bill in so much hurry it looks like it's just a formality and they won't listen to their citizens as always. Good luck. Hope concerned people who are struggling be well placed overseas.

by shanes211 on April 22, 2023 at 08:53AM

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