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 We need greater health professional training. Menopause is where the menstrual cycle education was 50 years ago. Women viewed as hysterical or depressed or just needing to get over it. More open discussions and not scaremongering with HRT side effects. 

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To stop women going through menopause thinking that they are alone or there are few options. 

by Jimpy on March 11, 2023 at 02:26PM

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  • Posted by Kiera82 March 14, 2023 at 01:01

    This needs to change for trans healthcare too, estradiol in this day and age that is bio identical estrogen (progynova, estradot, estradiol valerate injections) as well as bio identical micronised progesterone (utrogestan) and a cream if available as well as testosterone need to all be available to anyone who wants them under an informed consent model, we are way behind in this country on these matters, when everyone realises we all need our hormones in balance for each individual then we'll go further in life, let patients do their own thing with how they require their balance and the people should be empowered to do their own research on this, my own lived experience and testing on myself has taught me a lot more and allowed me to teach doctors by scaring the s**t out of them with what's happened in my life as a baby when I couldn't give consent (they screwed my hormones up in the long term and I am righting them through my own ways using what's available)
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