Stop Bullying of junior Doctors

If we train up Doctors and they decide to leave because they are abused and bullied by senior Doctors who are supposed to be training them it is unacceptable.  

Especially if the senior Doctors have a well known history as bullies with complaints. 

There needs to be a better understanding and management of this to eliminate the bullies being in a position of power.


There needs to be a more proactive preventative and education of student Doctors so that they get help and tools to manage situations without feeling that it is unavoidable.

Higher level or independent assessment to identify bullies and stop them from continuing to bully is essential.  What ever is in place is not working adequately. 

Why the contribution is important

We are losing new Doctors because of bullies. I am sure this is not limited to Waikato...

by Mnbvccz on April 21, 2023 at 01:53PM

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