Libre / Dexcom sensors for diabetics.

The availability of glucose sensors is life changing for diabetics. Having diabetes is a 24/7 stressor -there are no breaks or holidays from diabetes. Having a sonsor that can give readings of glucose levels every 5 min improves the quality of life of diabetics tremendously. Having lived with diabetes for 38 years I have seen changes in testing methods, insulin types and insulin delivery, but never before has there been a game changer like this! 

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Diabetes related complications are a reality which leads to mortality and morbidity for those affected. These factors have a major impact on our health system. Not only will sensors change the lives of diabetic people, but in the long term it will also safe the health system time and money. Glucose strips are sponsored by the government, the slight additional cost of sensors (in stead of glucose strips) is by far outweighed by the benefit they will provide by bettering the lives of diabetics, decreasing hospital admissions, decreasing cost to treat complications. Please change our lives. The technology is there at last. Help us to be able to go to bed and experience a peaceful night's sleep without having to worry about low glucose events. Kindest regards, Elaine 

by EBekker on March 05, 2023 at 10:41PM

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